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Peregrinate (v., perr-uh-GRIN-eight)

To travel from place to place, especially on foot but not exclusively. After all, the Peregrine Falcon has the same name, and it doesn't walk to places—as far as we know. What it does when it's not at work is its own business.

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Link of the Day

Royal Navy Field Gun Competition

The British Royal Navy has a race each year to see which teams can move an old cannon, take it apart, send it and the entire team across a gap, then reassemble it and fire it three times. Sounds like a lot? These guys do it in under four minutes, which is flat out bonkers:

It's like a Formula One pit crew on steroids and for a longer period of time. The level of coordination and physical exertion needed for this competition is incredible (just look at the guy gulping for air near the end). And to ferry the pieces along with the team members at the same

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