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Hurtle (v., HURR-tull)

To move with great (often uncontrolled) force, or to throw something like that. A car with no brakes. A hammer being thrown in track and field. You, signing thing after thing at closing. You, preparing for an upcoming thing that you're not quite ready for.

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Cube Rule of Food

Is a hot dog a sandwich? It kinda seems like it is, but it's not quite the same shape. New York City classifies it as a sandwich, but not everywhere does. The debate has been all over the internet for years—until the Twitter account @phosphatide announced the "Cube Rule of Food," which is now a website. According to the rule, there are seven basic types of food shapes:

For example, a pie (with top crust) would be a taco shape turned sideways, a falafel pita would be a quiche/soup with bread bowl, and a burrito would be a calzone. The seventh option is salad, where the starch is distributed equivalently throughout.

It's a surprisingly solid, handy rule of thumb. Go check it out.

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