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Preposterous (adj., pree-POSS-terr-us)

Absurd and contrary to reason. Vacationing in Cleveland. Not having preposterous as a word of the day until 1,400 entries in. Everything on every reality show ever. The budget of every home improvement show not named This Old House. Nick Kyrgios. Sriracha sauce sales.

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Link of the Day

A wooden wave at a Maine art installation

This spring, the Center for Maine Contemporary Art featured a room with a giant installation of a wave made out of thousands of pieces of wood:

The artists named the sculpture "Hubris Ate Nemesis"—for a very specific reason:

Hubris, characterized as an arrogant confidence, transforms to Atë, a ruinous folly or madness, then ultimately to Nemesis, a force of retribution that resets the natural order. Like many paintings of the Maine coast, we hope this work captures a moment of suspense in a dynamic system—a snapshot with an uncertain future—and that it appears to be unwritten what the restored natural order should or might become.

You can see more photos and details about the installation over at Colossal or the artist's website.

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Happy Holiday Weekend

The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio

The Dailies is taking some vacation time around this holiday. We'll see you again on the 11th.