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Molder (v., MOLL-durr)

To slowly decay into dust due to neglect. Like Thanos, but much, much slower. More like UTEP football (see below).

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Link of the Day

Bill Connelly's chart party for college football team histories

Bill Connelly is one of the best college football stat guys working today. About a week ago, he started a "chart party" thread on Twitter, plotting the historic performance of different programs, complete with some annotation. The charts show the year-to-year finishes plus a ten-year moving average, and it's absolutely fascinating to see the history this way:

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Happy Friday

Dog. Duck. Doodle.

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Ducky McDucky, the dog conquerer . From @ducksmakegreatpets . #reallifedoodles #doodles #animation #duck #ducks #dog #funnymemes #funny

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