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Reinstitute (v., ree-INN-stih-TOOT)

To introduce or establish again. Welcome, classes!

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EconTalk - On Leadership, Confidence, and Humility

EconTalk is one of the OG podcasts, having been exploring the world through good weekly conversations since 2007 (!). I've gone in and out of EconTalk; I was burned out on econ after college and found the discussions a little too esoteric for me. However, in recent years, I've noticed Roberts shifting from pure economic concepts to more decision-making concepts, applied theory, and sociological institutions. This is a welcome change for me. Roberts is a great, generous interviewer and a good thinker, and discussions about things like urban planning and crime are excellent.

Yesterday, Roberts dropped a bit of a shocker: "David Denner on Leadership, Confidence, and Humility." Unlike other guests, Denner isn't a thinker. He's a fan of the show. And, after attending a lecture and asking Roberts a question that neither was entirely satisfied with, he emailed Roberts with a fuller question—which ended up freaking Roberts out in a good way. Denner put his finger on a key point: do people want humility (and even vulnerability) from their leaders or do they want confidence? What is a leader's responsibility? And, as the two discuss, everyone is a leader in some sense. What does this mean for our interactions with children, spouses, friends, etc.?

It's a fascinating, gentlemanly but profound discussion. Kudos to Denner for restating the question in a perfect way and kudos to Roberts for having a fan on. As for you, readers, go listen to the discussion.

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