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Word of the Day

Abnegation (n., ab-neh-GAY-shun)

The act of self-denial or renouncing something. Similar (but not exact) to "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one," and probably a term for something in a dystopian YA science fiction novel.

Gif of the Day

JK Brickworks did this amazing kinetic LEGO Sisyphus sculpture.

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Link of the Day

This Book is a Camera/...a Planetarium

Are you looking for just the perfect Christmas present? Good! Do we ever have something for you today.

Kelli Anderson (of Layer Tennis fame, among other things) has just released This Book is a Camera, where the book literally transforms into a camera that can take a picture. Seriously:

But that's not all! Anderson's done this before/in the future. She's got another book coming out, This Book is a Planetarium, where the book transforms into six separate tools for you to use. Of course, this is almost to be expected for someone who's made paper record player wedding invitations.

There are people whose talent floors me and makes me realize that I will never be that good. But wow, is it ever fun to enjoy their work. (If you haven't been clicking through the links, stop and go back through them all.) Bravo.

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