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Abash (v., uh-BASH)

To cause someone to feel ashamed or embarrassed. Traditionally, this was restricted to high school students but now, as we are learning, anyone that interacts with a college student is probably abashing them.

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Link of the Day

Vocal ranges of famous singers

Concert Hotels has a fun little infographic to show you the vocal ranges of some popular singers from modern/recent music. Yes, Mariah Carey is high on the list. But number one? That one may surprise you. (No spoilers here.)

However—I don't entirely trust this list. It's good but I trust the obsessives over at The Range Place and their index of singers, which catalogs entire catalogs of singers by notes, including some live cuts and demos.

I don't want to go too long on favorite singers—we have to keep some content for future installments!—but let's end with Ivan Rebroff singing nearly four octaves in "Im Tiefen Keller ("Man in the Wine Cellar"):

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