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Aplomb (n., uh-PLOM)

Self-confidence or assurance. Sticking the landing. The speech at the end of every courtroom drama. Russell Westbrook. Stravinsky, 1913.

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Nimuno Loops LEGO tape

Remember how we said yesterday that we try not to go "important" all the time? We also try not to go too popular. There are enough internet sites full of currently popular things; we don't need to add to the noise. But every now and then, something lines up with both of us.

The Nimuno Loops Indiegogo campaign has pretty much broken the internet. In the time it took us to create today's entry, it raised $12,000. It's a tape with LEGO connectors on one side, making any surface into a LEGO surface. Take a look:

Yeah, that's pretty cool. You can back their project on Indiegogo and help them make all the money in the universe (there's still a month left on the campaign).

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