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Mumpsimus (n., MUMP-sih-MUSS)

A tradition or practice that's adhered to despite being shown to be incorrect, or someone who holds to this kind of thinking. It originated in the 1500s by accident and stubbornness: a priest wrote "mumpsimus" in a letter describing a mass when he should have said "sumpsimus"—but then refused to correct his error, performing the mass with the wrong word for 20 years. And you wonder why we had a reformation.

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Lazy Susan

This short from Terri Timely is based on a true story. It was meticulously researched, and the filmmakers noted at the end of the credits how much they tried to recreate the details of how the Lazy Susan was invented:

Ok, so none of that was true. But it was charming and a decent picture of how creativity sometimes works. As Robert Heinlein noted, "progess isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find an easier way to do things."

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