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Bawcock (n., BAW-cock)

A fine fellow. With a word that sounds that blunt, you'd expect a middle English origin, right? Nope. French, from 1599. It was probably not used in reference to Henry the Great during his lifetime, though.

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Link of the Day

"Feel The Peel" machine turns orange peels into bioplastic cups

A group in Italy has unveiled a machine that makes orange juice but also converts the orange peels into bioplastic cups. When a drink is ordered, the machine halves the organge, squeezes the juice, then dries, mills, and mixes the peels with with polylactic acid (PLA) to become bioplastic. This material cam then be melted into a filament that a a 3D printer can use to make recyclable cups.

The machines will start rolling out in various places around Italy, as the inventors try to highlight ways that circularity can work in everday life.

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